Posted on: 24 February, 2020

Author: Tayyab Farooq

Set amongst the green surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent, Kett is headed up by leading Australian designer Justin Hutchinson and his team. Collaborating with craftspeople from Australia, Italy and Indonesia to produce furniture with a timeless quality and technique. Australia is a land of diverse cities. With them spread wide and all almost having a unique climate of their own, the people who live in each, and their homes are often very different. Even the short distance between Melbourne and Sydney will have you noticing different cultural nuances, mindsets, design, and lifestyles. Melbourne, in particular, is known for its European influence, from stone laneways to street art and terrace front cafes. Melbourne is also well known, if not most famous for, it’s a culture of the arts. Melbourne has a rich arts culture, whether it’s theatre, live music, film, art exhibits from around the globe, or public events, there is always something to see and do.    If you’re looking to capture the creative spark of Melbourne in your home, we’ve got the interior design guide for you! Good taste and Melbourne goes hand in hand. From good food to designer furniture Melbourne residents want artistry and detail in everything they do.   Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather. It really does live up to the term four seasons in one day. This has given the people of Melbourne a great sense of adaptability. They’re always ready for anything, unexpected sunny afternoon, quick downpour, or high winds. From this, we can learn that good interior design should also be adaptable to any season. Allow plenty of natural light for those sunnier days, but have curtains or Venetians on hands for those rainy grey days where you may want to block everything and everyone out for a bit.    Any Melbournian will have a perfectly curated and versatile wardrobe. One that will work no matter the time of year or type of weather they have thrown at them. Ensure the furniture and finishings in your home consist of materials that don’t limit themselves to one particular season or climate. Apply this same rule with your base colour palette.   If you’ve ever visited Melbourne you have probably visited Hosier Lane. The famous laneway is one of many in the city’s CBD that is covered head to toe in street art. Tourists flock to see these intricate and colourful murals that are constantly changing. Melbourne has established loud and clear that you don’t need to attend a gallery to see artworks. Bring this mentality and appreciation for the arts into your home with a feature wall. Whether it's a painted mural, a featured colour, a pattern, wallpaper, or a wall covered in framed images or artworks. Wake up every day and experience your very own gallery. Inspire your creativity daily, and bring a little more colour into your home.   Now, back to Melbourne’s European influence. If you’ve visited the famous Degraves St, lined with outdoor tables and chairs and sipped one of Melbourne’s famous great coffees, you’ll understand. However, Melbourne is still very much it’s own. With European influence, the city has created its own unique style that melds the classic and traditional with the modern and cutting edge. When choosing furniture go for the timeless classics with a modern twist. Furniture that won’t ever go out of style.   Source: Free Articles from The team at First Move isn’t the kind to sit around and wait for the magic to happen. Instead, we’re always hard at work crafting exceptional digital marketing campaigns that are highly personalized to suit each of our incredible clients.